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2nd update

We are at the National GOA Children’s Conference – where everyone is a servant. There are 450 children here from all over the country of Kenya – Eldoret, Marsabit, Samburu, Nairobi, etc. We have 100 adults who are cooking, leading children in small groups, worshipping, praying, playing sports, putting children to bed, getting children up, and doing all the things you do to nuture, love and help a child change themselves to change the world. That is the theme of this year’s conference. – Changing You to Change the World. And it is printed on the back of 520 t- shirts.

The children are colorful with all of them in either a red, green, blue or yellow t-shirt. The games divide the children by color so the children wear the colors to organize for games. And every child received a colorful soft back pack and a bandana. They have mostly tied the bandanas on their heads! There are forty group leaders who stay with their group of 10-14 children all the time – meals, large sessions and small groups. That is where the change happens – In the intimacy of these small groups.

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