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2nd update

Today was a day of hope and opportunity and a day that reminds me why it is so obvious the war against HIV/AIDS is not won.

I met with the 9 Field Officers of the National Aids Control Council. (NACC) Professor Orego, Director of NACC had convened them to assist in “mapping” what is currently being implemented for youth HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. They were a very impressive group of leaders and gave total support and will help gather the information. Professor has also appointed a women to assist us in gathering this information. They had invited represtives from the Ministry of Youth And Sports. They want to come see the Reach a Million program in Mukuru Slum this week God continues to put the right people in place. I give Him the glory for the meeting today and the favorable results.

Then we went to see Nick and Charles. Debbie Jones from Emory University is visiting their project on Tuesday so we wanted to explain to them what she will be doing and why she is coming. Four clients of Nick and. Charles’ program died last week. One 30 year old woman they carried from the slum and took her in a cab to Kenyetta Hospital only to told to take her in the cab to the police station as she died enroute to the hosipital. Since Nick and Charles have started Community Transformers they have had 302 clients in their program and 70 of these clients have died – approximately 22 children. We also met with Matthew to discuss the planning of the next GOA children’s conference scheduled August 21, 2008.

Blessungs from Kenya, Connie

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