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2nd Update

We are enroute to Lake Nukuru with all of the children from Beat the Drum. What a blessing it was to be warmly greeted with hugs and smiles when we arrived! I was so happy to see the children’s new beds and beautiful dining table in Kathi’s House. The children proudly showed us their own beds, each equipped with the personalized blankets we had given them during the dedication ceremony in November.

It was a great feeling to see Courtney, Kathi and my youngest, walk through this special home named for her Mom. We played a while with some balls, frisbee and jumprope we brought, then headed towards the park – which the children are so excited about. Watching Courtney help the girls – and even Mary, Pastor John’s wife – jump rope made my heart smile. Seeing Faith Arupe sitting with Courtney in the front seat of our overloaded van as we prepared to leave brought me much joy.

As soon as possible, we will post some pictures of the day for all to see. The joy of seeing how happy these children are is difficult to express. Were you able to see the tears in my eyes now, you might just begin to understand. Kathi’s spirit is definitely present.

Blessed to be in Kenya

David Gruber

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