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2nd Update from Connie

When Christian and I boarded the flight in Amersdam we found many empty seats. Only 100 people on a plane that seats 400.  We had never seen the plane to Nairobi so empty.

Simon picked me up and took me to the apartment where Partners for Care staff were waiting along with Laban!  They had come to stay with me for the rest of the week. It was so wonderful to see the people we had prayed for. Njokie had cooked and as we shared a meal they begin to tell me the stories of the violence.

We discussed what plans they had for the week and everyone of you would be very proud of their planning, organization and preparation for the week. The lorry truck will be loaded with food, medications, bandages, blankets, diapers, sanitary pads, and soccer balls with PEACE -GOA written on them. We will go to 8 what I have now learned are called Internally Displace People camps (IDPs) providing medical care, prayers, food and other relief items. There are more than a hundred such camps with men, women and children. We will also provide HIV/AIDS testing for women who have been raped. And anyone who wants tested.

All of GOA is engaged – there are 25 with this team. We have Paul nurse from Masamaria and the new nurse assigned to Beat the Drum, new social workers for Good Shepard, Strong Tower and the new social woker travelled a day from Marsabit!  Andrew from Lodwar will join us tomorrow. And the teachers and cooks from Masamaria were also there. It is not safe for Masamaria to open right now. And SN sports evalegism is with us.  And Njokie will travel with us.

The team has already been to the camps with Bishop David. They found people sleeping outside without blankets, hungry and many children with cuts and rashes on their arms and legs. They knew what we needed to buy. The Red Cross is there but not able to meet the needs of so many. Almost every police station in Kenya has been turned into one of these camps.

Kenyans are responding giving what they have to those who have lost everything. And they talk peace and learning to say they are Kenyan and not what tribe they are. We have with us a Luo and a kallenjin to show unity.

We wait anxiously today as Parliament is to take their seats this afternoon and the opposition is threatening to sit on the side of goverment in protest. They have called for protests tomorrow which will spark more violence All over Nairobi are police in riot gear preparing if violence breaks out.

After planning until late into the night 17 people found space to sleep at the apartment. As we closed the meeting SN reminded us of why we were doing what we doing – to show Christ’s love. He reminded us how important it is to fill ourselves in our intimacy with God so when we go we can give what’s it our hearts. He said you cannot give what you don’t have.

Today everyone was up early as Njokie said breakfast was at 6:30!  And then everyone had their assignments – some to buy food, diapers. Others to preapre for oral testing for HIV//AIDs. We have contacted one of our very good ministry partners to see if she can get us bed-nets and painties for distribution.

GOA as of two hours ago had not received any funds into their bank. I have cash I brought with me and I am withdrawing what I allowed everyday from my ATM. I spoke with my bank so they do not put me on fraud alert. Pray God stretches the cash I have so we can fill the lowrry truck with supplies. We leave tomorrow morning early and will be out until Sunday. We will hold worship in one of the camps in Eldoret.

We have met with the Kenyan Red Cross to tell us where and what the needs are. Partners for Care/GOA will form an official partnership with them and be able to work with HIV/AIDs office as well as the emergency relief efforts.

I will provide updates of what I learn about special people some of you know. Even though the news might be unsettling trust God as the Kenyans are for their safety.  Anna’s grandmother’s house was burnt and Anna, Julianna and their grandmother moved in with someone else. They were not harmed.

Nick and Charles joined us today. How wonderful to see them. They saw so much burning in Mathare – where they live. They are travelling with us. They have six children living with them who have lost their parents even from death or seperation due to the burning in Mathare. We will ensure they have food before we leave for Eldoret.

Pray for peace and for the GOA team as thy serve God, Connie

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