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3rd Update

I thought you would enjoy knowing Beth Casey called after reading the update to speak with Charles. The children helped me find him in the crowd of 450 kids! Charles ran outside with the phone and the biggest smile on his face so he could hear Beth. Later he came to me to thank me for getting him so he could speak with Beth. Then they came to remind Charles it was time for his medicine – Charles has AIDS. We found that out about a year ago when Partners for Care VCT counsellors went to test the children at Tumaini Children’s Home. When they found he was positive they of course didn’t tell him because of his age. They had to move him from Tumaini because in Kenya children with AIDS cannot stay in children’s homes with children who are not infected. He lives with Pastor Paul and Martha of the Navasha GOA Church. When they told him he was infected with HIV/AIDs he said I thought something was wrong as I was the only child stuck twice. (When someone tests positive there must be a second test to confirm). He said he went to bed and prayed. He is a special boy.

Blessed to know special children like Charles,

Connie, Lorri and Kimberly

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