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3rd update – Partners for Hope team travels to Kisumu

Enjoy the Partners for Hope 3rd update.

——Original Message——

From: Dan Kellenberger

Sender: Dan Kellenberger

To: Connie Cheren

Subject: 3rd update – Partners for Hope team travels to Kisumu

Sent: Oct 14, 2009 11:41 AM

Early yesterday morning we travelled to Kisumu which is a 6 hour drive

west of Nairobi. It sits right at Lake Victoria. We then went on to

Siaya an hour northwest. We stopped at a village market where we felt

like rock stars. The children and the women loved us and we loved

them! They were excited to see African American women. We shopped

buying their goods. We gave the children the lollipops we brought. We

hated to leave. We then went to George’s family who lives on a boma –

what we would call a small farm. George is one of the Temples of

Worship musicians. George’s family is Luo like Obama. They live very

traditionally with 1st and 2nd wives. Unfortunately, the HIV/AIDS has

come to their boma. We were given a traditional meal of two kinds of

brown ugali, chicken and greens. Due to the drought there is a lack of

food in this area. We brought for George’s family two large bags of

maize which will feed them for sometime and left money for food. We

went to our hotel and we must admit we were somewhat out of comfort

zone but did fine. The lights kept going off, the toliet had no seat

and let’s just say there were no little bottles of shampoo and lotion!

One of us thought of putting water on the floor in front of the door

because we didn’t trust the lock on the door but we decided we would

probably be the first ones to slip.

From the villages of Kenya,

The Partners of Hope Team

Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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