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473 children die everyday in Kenya…today we know one of those children

Around noon today Kenya time Baby Chello went into cardiac arrest and in spite of the medical staff’s efforts to save her Baby Chello died. Today the number 473 became personal…just like when Baby Elizabeth died last December.

I am so grateful for the wise counsel Bridgette and I received from people that encouraged us to provide whatever help Baby Chello needed. And, we did. Baby Chello had the medical care she needed. She did not die not from a lack of medical care. Baby Chello had a hemthorax, a sign that the malignant had metastatised. We will send the $600 necessary to clear her hospital bill so she can be released to her parents for burial.

Baby Chello, her mom and Bridgette

Sammy, Dr. Vincent and Pastor Martin will go be with her Mom and Dad tomorrow. Baby Chello was their only child. Bridgette reminded me today and I reminded Sammy that even in the death of Baby Chello God must be glorified.

I have ask the team on behalf of Bridgette to buy a white dress, stockings and shoes to bury her in. She will look like a little angel.

Praying for Baby Chello’s family,


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Very sad, but God’s will. Loise Ngugi Sauer Chief Executive Officer Star Travel & Tours Inc

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