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4th Update from Bridgette – Overwhelmed

This update from Bridgette is really from her heart. All of the PFC and me are being blessed by Bridgetts’s time here on the ground in Kenya. She is leaving an huge impact on this ministry. Everyday it is clear she came to serve and not be served. The team is going to have a really hard time when she leaves! Blessed to have Bridgette here, ConnieSent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry


From: Dan Kellenberger

Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 09:28:27 -0400

To: Connie

Subject: 4th Update from Bridgette – Overwhelmed

No one should EVER have to live in the conditions I saw today in Mathare slums. I finally met the 2 incredible young men (Nick and Charles) who began their ministry in Mathare slums 5 years ago. Because they could not turn their back on orphaned children, they are now guardians to 34 children…all living in 3 small rooms. Their “kitchen” is in the boy’s bedroom where they sleep 4 to a twin bed. (They thought the boys would be better able to endure the smoke from the cooker than the girls).  There is one toilet (hole in the ground) for all and only one sink with running water. Besides providing for their “extended” family, they started “Community Transformers”- a ministry outreach program for those throughout the slum. They provide education, counseling, AIDS testing, do home health visits to the sickest and have opened a one room community center. They are truly transforming this area-giving hope to so many hopeless here. There’s only one problem…they do it all out of pure love and receive no funding/assistance from anyone on a regular basis. Since their ministry began,they have personally buried over 😯 people. Sometimes, that means returning the bodies to villages far away as it is culturally appropriate to be buried in one’s home village in Kenya.   Today, I asked them how they provide food for over 4O people (including the aunties and volunteers) and pay the monthly rent?  Partners for Care pays Nick and Charles each a monthly salary of $25O to work their ministry here. They use ALL of their salaries to provide for others and even go days without eating themselves.

Bridgette with Nick and Charles

   I am so embarrassed at the stark difference in our standard of living. I feel so ashamed for all the times things just weren’t quite  good enough for me. As I held one of the orphans in my arms today, I felt so inadequate to solve the overwhelming problems I see in front of me.

Bridgette at the Rescue Center

Truly, at the end of the day…it is not about what we have and don’t have-but it is about what each of us does with what we have! From the beginning to end, the scriptures tell us that we are blessed in order to bless-not to hang onto our blessings. This I believe is what transforms relationships-change happens to ALL who are involved.   These guys are changing the world-and although there is no money for food or shelter for their “family”, they asked me today for nothing except a prayer. Shame on me-and I pray that I will always feel ashamed and care enough to share my blessings with those I consider heroes like Nick and Charles in Kenya!

Serving in Kenya,


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