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5th update

The Reach-a-Million team under the direction of SN Njuguna completed the four-day tournament in Kibera slum. The 18 men and 4 women teams played football on what was known as the “salughter field” during the post-election violence. Kibera was one of the centers of the violence due to the mix of tribes in Kibera. As in Mukuru slum SN had been told it would not be possible to bring together teams from all over Kibera to play in a peace tournament. Once again GOA demostated through the gospel men and women can resolve conflict.

For those who read last month’s GOA newsletter you know GOA opened a church in Kibera under the leadership of Pastor Kuria. Pastor kuria also heads the micro-finance department He has been working with the captains and the leaders since SN mobilized Kibera several weeks ago. One of SN’s many strengths is going to the ground to mobilize the teams. Pastor Kuria also mobilized his small congregation to assist the team throughout the four days of the tournament.

On Sunday the Bishop came and preached under a tent on the field and told the story of the Isralites from Exodus 3:7-14 He told them God saw their plight, heard their cries and came down. Just as in Kibera God. heard their cries and through sports GOA was sent to help. Over the four days over 15,000 were reached with the message of the gospel and HIV/AIDS. There were 83 tested with 4 postive and referred for follow-up. When the Bishop made the call in the open field once called the “slaughter field’ over 50 came forward raising their hands high as they accepted Christ and a new beginning.

Blessed to witness God moving in Kibera through the leaders of GOA, Connie.

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