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5th update

David Gruber has been doing most of the updates but tonight I want to share a couple special things that I have been blessed to see/hear and why I love to be here in Kenya.

Yesterday David told you Laban was the preacher for the service in the GOA Church at Maai Mahiu. This special little church in a rented building in a slum area – praise God it is not a building that makes a church. I am sure God doesn’t judge a church by its building but by the worship of its people. Sammy sang a song in four different languages reminding us He is returning. Laban then gave the message. Laban is a wonderful speaker using humor and stories to tell his message. He honored David Gruber saying Kathi was in heaven with her arms around David directing him to love the children. It was through David that Kathi loves the children. And even though her children were white as he pointed out Courtney was white she was directing him to love the black children in Kenya. And he was. There we sat David, Courtney and me with little children who had follow asleep in our arms. We knew Kathi was happy. The other story I want to share is about David – the singer with Sammy of the Pray for Peace for Kenya song. A small in stature young man with a mighty voice who sings for the Lord. He is from Mombasa the youngest of 12 children. I am always blessed and moved when I take the time to listen to the hearts of the people I meet in Kenya. I asked him what he would like to do. He said his family didn’t have the money to send him to college but he would love to go to college to study music – instruments and voice. I asked what he would do with a college degree. He explained how there are so many young talented people in Kenya who have no exposure. He would create a music center for them to help them and then record their work for them so they would have exposure. He never said he wanted to go to college to get a job to be rich. But what I know is this young man is rich already in spirit and love.

It has been a blessed day in Kenya. Tomorrow we go see the 10 orphaned children in a slum Linet from Liverpool told us about. And I have an appointment with Professor Orego about some work we are doing for an Emory Faith-based initiative.

Blessed to know these people in Kenya who serve God, Connie

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