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6th update

More from Eldoret I shared with you about the A-Step program that did the on the ground organizing of the tournament. I would like to share some of the story of their leader and founder – Tim. Ti m was once a street boy in Nairobi. His mother was hurt in a matatu accident and Tim got seperated from her for several years. He struggled to eat and to go to school. As with many Kenyan boys sports saved his life. He played for mathare association and was good. Winning best player in a tournament he was given a cash award. Mature people in his life told him to use the money to buy a piece of land. By then he had been reunited with his mother. He bought a piece of land in Eldoret where he eventually moved with his mother. He has struggled over the years as work was hard to find. He was desperate one day and he looked up to see a church. He decided to attend on Sunday. There he heard the pastor say he takes vision, faith and work to accomplish your dreams and aspirations. He left the church committed to make a diference for God. Today he is a very influence leader of thousands of youth in Eldoret through A-Step. They struggle with funding but are committed to work and they have faith God will substain them. Tim shared with us that his mother is infected – he believes from blood contamination during the accident. He told me she was very sick. I asked if he wanted me to visit her. Late that night the local pastor drove us in the rain to a very humble home to see his mom. Tim had built two homes on the piece of land he bought with his money from winning best player. He lives in one house with his wife and two small children and his mother lives in the other house. His mother was very ill barely able to sit up. The pastors prayed for her. I assessed her the best I could as I checked her breathing and the pressure sore she had on her back. I advised Tim she needed to go to the hospital as I suspected she had pnemonia. As we sat with her Tim told me he comes home  every night to his sick mom  and that is what motivates him  to fight the disease that is killing his mother. The next day Tim took his mother to the hospital. She is now being treated for the pnemonia. Tim is an an amazing servant of God. Grateful to know a humble servant of God, Connie

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