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6th update

Today was a simple but blessed day. We went with just a few of us Justus, David, Sammy and Franko to Strong Tower and Beat the Drum. Justus and Franko had never been to these children’s homes. At Strong Tower the boys told the guys they remembered them from the children’s conference. We went to Strong Tower to give them the extra large bednets our partner HEART had given us. The guys worked with the staff at Strong Tower and hung all the nets on the boys triple bunk beds. A very simple act, but so so significant for the boys. As Justus said no more malaria.for the boys at Strong Tower. It was wonderful to have the extra large nets from HEART. Then we went to the Christian school the children from Beat the Drum attend. We met with the head of the school Lucy. She said the children from Beat the Drum are doing so well! Rebecca was number one in her class out of 55 children. DIko speaks Swahilli now and was number one in his nursery class. Dennis was number 5 in his class. She said no one even the teachers can believe the children live in a children’s home. They are so well dressed and cared for. We got to take all of them in the van home to Beat the Drum. The second house is complete and just finishing work is left. They plan to move in within a couple weeks. They plantings are doing very well – corn, carrots, onions and cabbages. The children went into the tall cornfield and picked corn to give us to take home. They are growing the crops to keep the expenses down. We went inside where the guys sang Remember Me for them and led them in worship. Then the children performed singing, dancing and reciting poems – even Diko. Pastor John asked me to meet with 20 infected women in his church the next time I visit. He would like to help them in some way. Beat the Drum is truly a miracle. Blessed to know and love so many children at Beat the Drum, Connie

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