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6th update – The children have been moved from Mathare Slum

On Saturday the children said goodbye to Mathare slum. We went early in the morning and took 18 of the children with us in our van and hired a matatu for the rest of the children. Taking these children from those three crowed, chaotic, dark rooms where their backyard was a slum, garbage and a polluted river was a joy hard to explain. It was like God had picked these children to be lifted from the slums to a new beginning. I could hear Pastor Karanja saying “God is doing a new thing”. The children sang songs on the ride to their new home – obviously happy to be leaving Mathare slums. Part of the team had gone to the new home to prepare the rest of the beds and to cook for the children. Curtains were hung – bright red with matching pillowcases. Their new rooms with windows were a sharp contrast to the previous rooms in the slum without windows! John made a enormous pot of soup for the children in their new kitchen. They played and waited as more beds were put together. Then at the appointed time they all went to their OWN beds. We were blessed to watch these special children chosen and loved by God as they saw they each had a blanket, a towel and their own bed. Nick and Charles have done a wonderful job under extraordinary conditions. As young men building a children’s home in a developing nation hasn’t been easy. But, raising 34 children isn’t easy either. Thank you to all who have prayed for Nick and Charles and the children and donated money to lift these children up to new beginnings. Jesus said, love the little children and you have. There is still much to do to help Nick and Charle become sustainable so they don’t have to worry how to feed the children. This week we plan to put in a garden. And, Dr. Jim will examine and treat the children and aunties. We will complete the children’s home ie. kitchen, place for the children to eat, security fence, etc. as we raise more funds to help them. But, for now they are in their new home. Praise God!

From Kenya,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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