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6th Update – Visit to Maggie’s School

Today Maggie’s Mom saw Maggie’s School and met the children who she calls Maggie’s kids. There are now 257 Maggie’s kids! And there are only two teachers! This will soon change as now the school is registered and next term the government will send additional teachers. The two teachers we have will be allowed to stay. The children greeted the team with shouts and laughter. They sang a song “greeting mum Wink” and thanking her for Maggie’s School. The travel to the school was more than an adventure. We crossed two rivers and drove on sand for three hours. We got stuck twice in the muddy river and once in the sand.

Trying to push the vehicle out of the mud

Prayer and some good pulling with a vehicle and the men pushing got us out each time except the last. We had to abandon one of the vehicles and all crowd together with the some of the guys volunteering to ride in the open bed of the truck. We had lost precious time so the team needed to be very organized to do for the children what they had spent literally months planning for, praying for, raising funds for and dreaming in their heads what it would be like. Nothing really can prepare you though for seeing all these children in rags for clothes, some with shoes and some without shoes and one little one had on just one shoe. They are precious to us and in the eyes of Jesus. These are some of the children Jesus meant when he said the least of these. Our goal for the day was to serve the teachers and Andrew, Partners for Care social worker and the children. I am very clear that when on the ground we serve under the authority of the people God has placed there. We did a short ceremony as we brought one child forward and dressed him in his little school uniform – kahki and light blue the colors of the school Maggie went to school. We also gave him a backpack with Maggie’s School imprinted on it. And sunglasses – which will help prevent him from getting cataracts from the sun.

The headmaster with a child after he received his school uniform

All the children will receive the same. We hope the picture we send you will show the transformation of a child in rags to a child in a school uniform. School uniforms are so important to a child in Kenya. It signifies this child is a student – learning helps lift them out of the poverty of their parents. The team also was able to accomplish the following: 1. Katie bought shoes from Kristi kicks for Kenya. Kristi is my other niece who died two years after Maggie died. The shoes were precious and now more of the children will have shoes.

2. The team had found wonderful teaching aids – white boards with markers and aids for the tin walls. 3. Each child was dewormed!

Carey, one of the team members, deworming a child

4. We left a scale and a measuring tape so the children can be measured and weighted each month to check their growth. 5. The dental team performed miracles relieving pain for all the children who had tooth pain and adults – over 60 people.

Dr. Eric treating one of the Maggie’s kid’s parents, assisted by his wife

6. We left 125 bednets so all of Maggie’s children will now sleep under a bed net. The last thing we did is give them a banner that reads Maggie’s School and has Maggie’s School logo. Then the Temples of Worship sang Remember Me. The children sang one last song – “Goodbye, bye, bye” Wink and Martha have decided they will built a helicopter pad at the school to make it easier for them to get there – they are just kidding, I hope 🙂

Here are the words of each team member at the end of the day:

What an awesome day. The kids are precious and I find myself so touched. Love to all Martha

We held a dental clinic @ one of Bishop David’s Churches in Lodwar as usual the Kenyan’s blessed us with their gentle demeanor. We saw 72 patients. Love Carey

Loved serving the people of Lodwar. We saw many wonderful gentle people and amazed at their character. Africa is amazing! Love Wink

The trip today to Maggie’s school was an adventure beyond my wildest dreams! Love Whitney

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Yesterday in Lodwar and today at Maggie’s school. Love Eric

I would do no justice by describing my experience at Maggie’s school in two short sentences. It was awesome. We have an awesome God that sends Muzungus (white people) out all the way to the Akatuman. Awesome. Love Julianna

The time and distance it took to come is a blur,we are having an amazing yet heart wretching experience, our laughter and tears and touch are shared by all of us and Akatuman people. Love Jodie.

We are truly amongst God’s people. No one complains and all seem happy if they are sick no one complains. Love to all. Joann

By the way, special heads up to Debbie Deardorff; God did provide a dentist in Lodwar and at Maggie’s school. Love Carey

When we arrived to Akatuman I Felt like I’d reached one of the ends of the Earth, tucked far far away in the desert, Maggie’s School was truly a sight to see, with the most welcoming, peaceful group of people. I Sang songs, fed the kids and pulled teeth! It was an unforgettable day. Love MK

I’m glad I came to share with Wink the experiences we encountered at Maggie’s school. It was also special to bring shoes for the children in memory of Kristi. A true connection between our girls has been made the desert sand of Africa. Love Katie. Ps Kim thanks for all your love and support love mom. We miss you.

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