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7th Update

Yesterday we once again saw the devistation of this disease called AIDS. We were asked by Linet from Liverpoo to go assess the situation of 10 children infected by AIDS who live in a slum near where Laban lives. Laban had previously gone to see these children. The needs were truly overwhelming. There were so many infected people – couples where both are infected, infected children single and double ophans, and even a baby infected. Almost all of the problems associated with AIDS were here – long rides on a matatu to get their medication from Kenyetta hospital and lack of money for fare, lack of food to take their medication, some had also been infected with TB, discrimatation – loss of jobs because ithey are nfected, myths about the disease. We were told if people know you are infected they won’t even buy vegetables from you. As we met and talked with these people infected you could see the sadness in their eyes, you could feel their despair. I remembered an article I read once that said the AIDS crisis is an opportunity to witness and reach people. Both because people are dying from the disease and need to know the Lord and because their families look at the Christians and wait to see if we respond as Jesus taught us to respond – to love and to serve and to care for the widows and the orphans. Maybe that is why the GOA church continues to grow – they are serving as God instructed them to. When the Bishop learned of Linet’s request for these people he asked his staff to go to to see how they can help. Some of you know of Nick and Charles two young Christian men who started Community Transformers in Mathare Slum. Two weeks ago Charles’ brother was hit by a Lorry (a large truck). He had been revovering from a coma in Kenyetta hospital. We went to see him and he has dramactically improved. He still has some memory issues from the head injury but he was being discharged. Home. We also saw our friend we told you about who is sick with AIDS. She had been moved to Kenyetta hospital. She seems to be improving although she is still not able to walk as she is so weak from the illness. Courtney (David’ Gruber) and David my son have done very well this week. David has been here several times and is used to the slums, poverty, etc. But Courtney has never seen these things. She has really done well – going with us everywhere – the slums, hospital, etc. I heard her tell someone yesterday she was the daughter of Kathi as in Kathi’s House. She has talked of returning with her friends. Everyone is busy preparing for the Children’s Conference. Planning to transport, house and feed 330 children all in one location is a challenge in any country but even more challenging in a developing country. Everyone is focused on making this a wonderful experience for the children! Blessed to witness God working through the leaders of GOA, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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