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7th Update – from Wink

This is what Wink wrote in her journal the day she visited Maggie’s School.

The day I saw Maggie’s School

We left at sunrise to travel what Connie called a hard trip. She so under estimated a hard trip. It was more like National Geograhic and Indiana Jones all wrapped into one. After being stuck in the river for over an hour and finally one car stuck in the sand for good. While stuck in one river we all took our shoes and socks off which we had been advised not to do due to parasites. We were going to walk across the muddy river. But the decision was made not to walk across the river. So I got back in the vehicle and picked out the very sharp barbs I had stepped on. About that time Connie walks up with the minister of education from Lodwar to meet me. And I held out a sock out to greet him. What a way to meet the representative from the ministry of education. We drove on piled together in two vehicles instead of three. We proceeded on and rounded the bend and the moment I didn’t think would happen in a million years happened. I saw Maggie’s School and felt like the time I gave birth to Maggie and saw her for the first time. Nothing was more beautiful. I felt awe and an overwhelming feeling of grace. I had never felt closer to Maggie sine she left this earth to be with the Lord. Tears welled up in my eyes and a lump was in my throat. No words could be formed. But no words were necessary. It was done. I was there! I was holding it together until I felt arms surround me and Whitney leaned on me and I broke down. It was hot. That is all I will say about that. People who know me know I don’t suffer in silence – but I was silent! We went to see Maggie’s children – again no words to describe. The most beautiful, smiling faces and big eyes full of love. They sang a special song about Maggie’s School in English.

Wink and Katie meeting the kids

I once heard Don Piper speak of hearing the heavenly choir sounding like nothing he had ever heard on earth but he obviously had not been to the hear the Turkana children at Maggie’s school sing. Again I stood in total awe as grace covered me. Wink(Maggie’s proud MOM)

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