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7th Update – Mission Accomplished

The Partners for Hope team is gone but their impact will be felt by many. Here is there last update:

This is what the Partners for Care (PFC) do to try and change this Nation and the continent of Africa. HIV/AIDs is everywhere orphaning children, infecting children and creating a country of sick and the caregivers who care for them. The PFC house sits right next to a slum. If we hadn’t seen it ourselves we would not have believed it – the slum is worse than Mathare Slum. A month ago Njokie, PFC staff, went to see this slum for herself. She found a woman sick in bed with a six year old child. She took her and the child riding on a public bus for testing – she was positive and so was her child. She took her home leaving her with food. The women died that night leaving another orphaned child infected with AIDs.

The what if? campaign uses music to draw a crowd. Then Pastor Omondi talks to them about HIV/AIDs. They are asked to sign a committment card committing to test to know their status, wait til marriage and to be faithful to one partner. These are the behavior changes needed to stop AIDS. We met so many young girls – hopeless with no skills to seek jobs. Some selling their bodies for food. This is where we are putting the Alain Hyppolite IT Center. It will be run by the PFC staff. Young girls and boys will learn to type, learn computer skills to help them find jobs. We are honored to be a part of the solution – to help lift these young Africans out of poverty. We were so happy to have witnessed the pastor of the church test publically in the morning church service – a very unusal event in Kenya. And, it made a difference in the number of people willing to test at the event. There were 330 people tested at the two day event! We were the mobilizers – on the ground asking people to test, taking them by the hand to the counsellors for testing. Four people found out they were infected. They were all referred for care and treatment.

We were blessed to know through the funds we raised, through our mobilizing efforts lives were saved. Blessed to partner with PFC staff to save lives in Kenya, Sisters Going to Kenya

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