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7th Update – Prayers answered!

Many of you responded you were praying in my response to my request yesterday for prayers for Nick. Many reminded me God would care for the children. And He did. The team here Dr. Jim, Lyn, their two children Stephanie and Jake, Amy, David my son and Rebecca along with Nick and Charles made a plan to address the needs of the children. These needs included protection from malaria, clean water, lights, sanitation, food and transportation to school. One by one all these needs were met yesterday. Getting things accomplished isn’t easy in a developing nation. It takes more than money. But, everything seemed to go smoothly yesterday as we planned, organized, shopped and went to the children’s home. By evening, a van that had been loaned to transport the children was repaired, lanterns taken to the home for lights,, bed nets on the beds for all the children and aunties, temporary septic tank covered with plans to cover the larger holding tank, and 400 pounds of food purchased!  The children’s rooms were so sweet as they have settled in. We had made name tags with ribbons for their beds and the children had hung them on their beds. And, the children had neatly made their beds before leaving for school. The children are now safe and for now have food. Praise God. And, Nick is smiling again as his children are taken care of.

At the store where we purchased food for the kids

Loading up the food

Transporting food

The bed nets hung on the beds

Thank you for your faithfulness to read the updates and pray for children 10,000 miles away,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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