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8th Update

I have struggled with what Steve Haas, Vice President World Vision told me at the Rick Warren conference on HIV/AIDS – in trying to help you can do harm. As a nurse we are taught first do no harm. His words scared me as I did not want to cause harm to the very people I felt called to help. Dr. Griffin and Joy who have mentored me and help grow Partners for Care and I have had many discussions about this. Yesterday in the IDP we were in as I sat on the floor just holding a sick little girl watching GOA leaders do what God has called them to do I could see that maybe I am just called to help them do just that. They are so good at what they do. Let me share about them. SN, sports evangelist has mobilized a football what we call soccer tournament for the Marthare slum. He has met with 50 youth football leaders who represent 7,000 youth and thousands of family and friends. It is over four days with the finals on Sunday afternoon. The purpose is to witness to them and tell them the message of AIDS prevention. All SN needed from me was funds for the PEACE balls, uniforms, a trophy and cones. It was sad though to see some of the young men playing without shoes bacause they are too poor to buy shoes. Near the football field overlooking all of Mathare slum is one of the five IDPs in this area. There are 650 people (there are so many children) who are sleeping on the floor of a building. They have been here since January. We went there to do praise and worship and offer testing for HIV/AIDS. Sammy, David and a friend of theirs George played music for hours praising and worshipping. This IDP camp was transformed! People were dancing, singing and worshiping – thanking God. At one point they did what we call a dance train dancing all through the building. When George, the young man from the Kenya Red Cross responsible for this IDP, who had been to some of the same IDPs in Kenya as us asked me how long we would be there – I told him 4 days. He said “I think I am being blessed”. All this worship team needed to do what God called them to do was to have access to equipment – which Pastor Karanja from Christ Harvesters church in Marietta, Georgia, bought them. One of the highlights of the day was when Pastor Muturi took the microphone to preach. I don’t know what he said as he spoke in the language of the people in the IDP, but I do know the people knew what he said and they responded with shouting and praising. He was giving them a message of peace and hope. Truly a blessing to watch a man called to preach the word of God to people who desperately need to hear God’s plan for their lives. All Pastor Muturi needed to do what God called him to do was to have a microphone. People lined up to test. Today we are bringing more VCT counselors as so many want to test. All the football teams will be asked to test. I hope there is a role God calls me to be able to help and not harm because I know I feel blessed to be a part of what these GOA leaders are doing to reach the lost, heal the sick and feed the hungry. Pray for those waking up today in the IDP camps in Kenya. Connie

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