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8th Update from Connie

Today we have been to three plus camps camps (I will explain later why I say three plus). Both are unlike anything I have ever seen or hope to see again.

The first was at PCEA Church where 2,000 people were living and 2,000 come for food during the day. People were everywhere with attempts at shelter or some sort of place to sleep. It took our breath away and we felt totally overwhelmed and inadequate. But truly God used this team of Kenyans in a mighty way. We first asked who was in charge and we were directed to an office where we met the pastor and his church leaders. They told us how 10,000 people came the week of the violence and there were no relief agencies for a week. We asked how we could help and he asked for medical help and VCT. The medical team treated 116 and tested 17. SN organized the boys for soccer and giving them hope and the Word. The counsellors did what they could to listen to people. We left food and as we were leaving the women told Laban thy wantedt to thank us with a worship song. So once again at a Displaced Person Camp we sang, worshipped and danced Kenyan style. How amazing to see these women and chiildren praising the God they believe. I can’t really explain what happened. All I know is that for a few minutes these women and children seem to forget that they were homeless, that their children were hungry, that they had lost everything they owned and they smiled and laughed and worshipped God and thanked us for coming.

Next camp was in Burned Forest (that is the real name of the town). A committee had been set up with a pastor as a chairman, other pastors as recorders and other positions. There were 4,000 people in this camp. And they had made houses out of pieces of burnt buildings, plastic, anything they could find. Red Cross was there doing medical. They will be setting up a camp soon. They had delivered food but the pastor said they were out of food. We left food and rice. And SN spoke with the youth and  left a couple PEACE soccer balls. When we left the pastor thanked us and said what a blessing we had been to the people.

The Bishop us to go to a church camp on the way back to Nukuru.  At the church close to the road the Red Cross was there distributing food. David Miner was the Red Cross official in charge and he was wonderful – kind, compassionate and understands the value of working with the pastors.

Behind this camp were three camps that really ran into each other. That is why I said we visited three plus camps. There had not been many services for these people yet. A lot of them were just sleeping outside. We really couldn’t see the end of the people and there wasn’t much organization yet. The Red cross is planning to set camp up.

Then the ride to Nakuru. We stopped at a police station and three armed police rode with us to town. We were grateful for the security.

Thank you again so much for reading these updates, for sending encouragement emails, and for praying for peace and healing for Kenya. Connie

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