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9,500 water back packs on their way to Kenya!

There are 9,500 water back packs enroute to Kenya. They should arrive at the Mombasa port around March 22 – World Water Day. We are raising funds to cover the costs of getting the packs to families in Kenya. These packs can help almost 50,000 people have safe water!

It is easy to help….go to our website and donate $10.00 to cover the cost of one pack and the delivery of that pack to a family in Kenya – $50.00 donation will cover the costs of delivering 5 packs to 5 families.  And, with the matching funds actually 2 families will be helped with your $10.00 donation and 10 families helped for a $50.00 donation.

It is also easy to help us ask other people to help through your social media – Facebook, twitter or Instagram. You can go to all these social media sites through our website and then you can like, forward, retweet, etc.  We appreciate you helping us reach more people giving them an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of a family 10,000 miles away.

Thanks for you help!

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