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9th Update

Issac goes to school Today we took Issac to school at Merciful Redemeer. It was not the same boy we met just two weeks ago. Then he was drinking and spending his days gambling. After he got saved he told us he just wanted to go to school. He had never gone to school. He cannot even spell or recognise his name. He came from Eldoret on a mutatu on Friday. He has been with us since then. He worshiped with us on Sunday. Pastor Omondi of the Nairobi GOA church is his spiritual father having helped bring him to the Lord. Issac saw him on Sunday And he went with us to take him to Merciful Redemer. There is a nice relationship between the two. Both of Issac’s parents have died so Pastor Omondi plays an important role in Issac’s life.

George, Pastor Omondi and Isaac at Merciful Redeemer

Thanking God for the miracle of transformation, Connie

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