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9th Update from Connie

Please pray for the violence to stop!  I was just in Nairobi Church with the Bishop and they are asking for prayer. The violence continues. So many homeless, hungry, cold, scared. I am not exagerating the situation. If you ever wanted to help now is the time. The Bishop had over a hundred requests on Friday for help. I will explain in a detailed email later today the UN’s response and what Red Cross is doing. I have talked with officials throughout this trip and I will share the world’s response through the UN but believe me when I tell you people are dying. Some say this is exageration but this team has been on the ground and seen it for ourselves. Also pray for the team tonight to be able to put this story in words and pictures. The Bishop is meeting in a leadership meeting tomorrow with Parliament on what is really happening on the ground and plans to go forward. Pray we can give him the story in pictures and words. Praying for an immediate stopping of the violence in Kenya,Connie

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