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9th Update – Partners for Care thanks Kathy Williams

Going deeper in children’s ministry As part of the going deeper under the direction of Bishop David the Partners for Care/GOA leaders are assessing all six of the GOA children’s homes. When the assessment instruments are finalized we will put a link on the Partners for Care web site so you can see the high standards GOA seeks to achieve in each of the children’s homes. One of the assessment areas is in the area of health and safety. None of the chidren’s homes had first aid kits or were trained in first aid. Kathy Williams member of Heart for Africa team has helped each children’s home meet this standard. She broughtl American Red Cross first aid kits for each home. She went to four of the six homes and trained them on basic first aid. I listened to her training and even as a nurse I learned! Thank you Kathy for helping GOA go deeper in their children’s ministry, Connie

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