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Flight was leaving and I didn’t finish the first update! This trip we are also beginning the process to open what the Partners for Care team wants to be a combination cyber, computer training center and a teaching center for the youth of the local slum to develop their musical talents. They also hope to have a music center there. It would be a Christian outreach helping the youth find and follow Christ while developing their computer skills or musical talent. It will be right in the local village in walking distance from our house and near the slum. The computers have been donated by a new partner we are working with in South Florida C. Ron. He is the reporter we met who wrote the article about the Sisters Going To Kenya. He helps black at risk youth through a program called Lend A Helping Hand. They are helping us with the cyber. And, Cumberland Community Church is bringing four of the computers C. Ron donated to Partners for Care. All of this fits with what Partners for Care is trying to do – a hand up not a handout. We believe in equipping Kenyans especially the Christian youth to address the problems in Kenya. And, this trip we hope to move the children from the rescue center to their new home – possibly November 30. This is a mighty task! Completing the building will truly be a miracle. But, what a joyous day it will be to move the children from the slum to their new home! We will take plenty of pictures and post them on the blog. And, as always I will follow-up on funding opportunities for Maggie’s School. Going to try to sleep now, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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