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A great team

A 8 person team from Carrollton, Georgia First Christian Church spent the last 10 days with us. This team was everything you could hope for in a team and more. Led by Terri Morris and assisted by Johnny Culwel this team served God in a mighty was. The team had spent nine months preparing, praying, raising funds and gathering a prayer team from New York to Georgia. The team stayed with the Partners for Care team – eating with us, serving and celebrating together. Each night all 18 sat at the table truly integrated black, white sharing the joys and sadness of the day. Early each morning we worshipped together with song, devotion and prayer. The teams learned from each other. The Kenyan team admired how they American team were so much a TEAM – moving together, caring for each other and consistently meeting to debrief the day. The American team admired how much the PFC staff were servants and how much they loved the Lord. They very much enjoyed the daily singing by the Temples of Worship. And both teams enjoyed the humor of each other. The American team did what PFC believes so strongly in – equipped, encouraged and enabled the Kenyans to do what God has placed them here for – to serve the poor and care for the widows and orphans. They went where most including Kenyans don’t go – to Mathare Slum. They sat at the bedside of people dying from AIDS. People who had though sick had not eaten in two days. Delivering food and hope they prayed for and with them. The Partners for Care staff were moved to see white men cry. They spent time in the Rescue Center and by the time they left they called the children “our children”. They had raised enough money to really make a difference in the lives of people in Mathare. They funded a clinic and a cyber cafe! After they had made their goal of support raising they still raised another $10.000 – which will be used to move the children in the Rescue Center out of the slum. The night the children in the Rescue Center were told Baby Diamond had died two of their team went with us to comfort the children. I will never forget as we prayed with Nick that night one the the men told Nick whatever it takes to bury Baby Diamond please let us help. They took the children with them when they went to see the animals at the National Park. Riding with the children on the bus around the park was a highlight for many of the team members. This team as respectful, caring, loving and really servants for God. The PFC staff miss them as they have returned to the US. But, each one of them have said in their evaluations that they will return.

They have also partnered with Nick and Charles to do the work of Community Transformers. Nick and Charles have waited a long time for someone to walk with them as they serve the sick, the dying and the many children orphaned in Mathare. God has rewarded their faithfulness with an awesome team of men and women from Carrollton, Georgia. I was truly blessed to see these two teams working together to serve, Connie

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