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A Miracle in Marsabit

I believe that I am witnessing a miracle. I am just leaving Nairobi on a bus with 44 people traveling the 12 hours to Marsabit to treat jiggers. Pastor Hirbo has been fighting jigger infestation for the last several years. Systematically he goes from school to school, village to village, manyatta to manyatta with his basins, medicine and gloves. On their knees he and his staff treat one child one adult at a time. As the bible says, the work is much but the workers are few. Eradicating jiggers in Marsabit is too much work for Pastor Hirbo and his small staff. Today we join with 12 students from Ohio State University, 16 staff, doctors and professors from Mt. Kenya University, Partners for Care staff and our Kenya board chair Dr. Linus to provide Pastor Hirbo with the workers he needs to eradicate the jiggers. We are blessed to be traveling on a 52 passenger Mt. Kenya bus. For those who know Pastor Hirbo know that he has probably been praying all night for us and will standing on edge of Marsabit town waiting for us.

Blessed to be part of such a team with such a mission,

Connie Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

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