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A son’s love for his mother

A small but very special team has been planning to go to Kenya with me in October. They call themselves Partners for Hope. The t-shirt someone made for them has their picture with the words “Sisters to Kenya”.

Partners for Hope

The team members are four black American working women who all work at one of my client nursing homes. Going to Kenya has been a lifelong dream of each of them. Many have told them they could never raise the funds necessary for such a trip. But, they are determined! They have had a sale of donated items, collected change donations, written letters and are planning a walk and a car wash. They want to go help women in Mathare slum market the jewelry they make. These women in Mathare are all infected with HIV/Aids and the sale of the jewelry helps support their children. Sadly, three weeks ago the 32 year old son, Pierre, of one of the women on this team (virginia) was struck by lighting while playing golf in Orlando, Florida and killed instantly. His mother even in her grief has said she is still going to go to Kenya to help the women in the slum with their jewelry. Pierre’s friends have made the decision to do for Pierre’s mother what he can’t do now – help her go to Kenya. They are raising funds for her and hosting a charity golf tournament in Pierre’s honor. We plan to do something in Kenya in Pierre’s name. We know in time God will reveal to us what we will do. The trip has become even more special. I don’t play golf but I will go to the golf tournament to meet Pierre’s friend.

Praying for Virginia as she grieves the loss of her son, Connie

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