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An unusual gift

When I first started the work in Kenya a wise person told me to visit the homes of each of the team members and meet their families – especially their Moms. While I had met Sam’s Mom I had not been to his birthplace. Sam’s was the last of the core team’s birthplace to visit. These visits have taken me south, north and west. This weekend Sam’s prayers were answered as our mission took us to Meru – his home. We were blessed as the entire team went to see his Mom.

The PFC team with Sam’s mom at his home

Sam’s Mom is humble and a true servant of the Lord. She told me she gave her two boys (Sam and his brother Moses) to the Lord when they were little and has prayed daily for them. After greetings, introductions and of course photos Sam said “my Mom has a gift for you”. They took me outside and presented me with a sheep. Sammy was excited as this adds to our rapidly growing “farm”. It is a great honor to receive such a gift.

A photo with Sam’s Mom, David the sheep and Sammy

A photo with Sam and his mom

I felt blessed and appreciated by Sam, his Mom and their family. Seeing Sam’s Mom and receiving such a gift made me more determined do try to do no harm to Sam or any of the other Partners for Care staff members. All the staff are someone’s child – a child they have prayed for, had hopes for and sacrificed more than we could ever know for. I pray and pledge to do my best to support these young people in ways that honor and respect their Moms.

Proud owner of a sheep who I named David after my last born,

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