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Announcing PFC Director in Kenya

We are pleased to announce Samuel “Sammy” Wanjau has accepted the position as Partners for Care “on the ground” Director. Sammy has worked with Partners for Care for over two years. He is the leader of the Temples of Worship music group and plays the keyboard. He is a gifted musician and is passionate about worshipping the Lord through his songs. Sammy has a wide range of ministry experience with work history in several different church ministries across Kenya. He is respected by the Partners for Care team in Kenya– all appreciate his leadership and guidance to them. He first began his work with Partners for Care during the post-election violence, in which he traveled throughout Kenya on the Peace Bus delivering food and other supplies to people living in the Internally Displaced Camps. He was instrumental in the successful launching of the “what if?” campaign as the team reached thousands from Eldoret to Mombasa with the message of HIV prevention. Recently, he has overseen the successful building and opening of the PFC what if? Life Changing cyber and music center. We are confident Sammy will lead the PFC team as they continue to help transform the next generation and save lives for the kingdom.

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