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Another lesson from Pastor Hirbo

Today Pastor Hirbo is to speak before some 150 pastors. Last night I asked him if he had brought his suit to wear today. He said no he didn’t have that suit anymore. I asked him what happened to it. He told me he gave it to someone who needed it to wear when the man was getting married and he didn’t have a suit to wear. And, his shoes he had given to an orphan boy who had no shoes.

So we hurried to find a store open to buy Pastor Hirbo something to wear today. We were able to find some nice trousers and shirts and shoes. On the way home I asked Pastor Hirbo if he could keep the clothes for when he needs to “dress up” for work with Partners for Care. I heard him softly say he would ask the Holy Spirit not to ask him to give his clothes away.

Ok…so I was wrong. Who am I to interfere with a nudge from the Holy Spirit? I have a feeling this may not be the last time we will need to buy Pastor Hirbo clothes to wear when he gives a presentation for Partners for Care. But, somone in Marsabit, maybe a little orphan boy, may soon have a new pair of trousers and some new shirts.

Either the Holy Spirit doesn’t ask me to give my clothes and shoes away…..or I am not listening. Maybe if I listen more closely I will give more of my worldly possessions away and I too will have the joy of the Lord as Pastor Hirbo does.


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