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Anyone can get discouraged

They say the higher the victory the trickier the devel. Or something like that. It has been almost two years since I came to Kenya. Confinced I could make a difference in the lives of those infected with Aids. It has been a fruitful trip – taking Rebecca to see her father was wonderful, seeing the what if? presented at World’s Aids Day, completing a buisness plan for the cyber/music center we are opening in the slum near our house, making plans for the Obama celebration next month and many other good things have happened. But, things haven’t been easy this trip and I have began to doubt myself. Am I strong enough? Can I do this when people let you down? Working in a developing nation isn’t easy. It isn’t the physical struggles so much – the long rides on a crowded matatu, the lack of water, the power outages, etc. I am used to those things. It seems like so many people here have deep hurts and disappointments from a lifetime of poverty. So much sickness and death. The lack of food and water causes so many problems. People here are used to hearing of people dying. This week military helicoptors were dispatched to the Turkana area to bury the 29 bodies found including a woman still holding her baby in her arms. They all died from a water borne illness – from drinking bad water. But, God is good and He can and does encourage us if we allow it. I am grateful for all of you who read these updates, who send back encouraging messages and who even pray for me. I am not too proud to say it isn’t easy and I need all those prayers. Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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