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Approaching the half-way mark of their trip

We are approaching the half-way mark of their trip. We have attended or hosted 18 events and have 20 left. People have been so gracious and accommodating. I am so grateful for all the people that have organized opportunities for Sammy, David and Pastor Hirbo to tell the story of the work they are doing in Kenya to reach the lost, hurting and those most in need.  I am grateful for all those who have fed us, gave us places to sleep, microphones to speak from and helped us with the AV equipment!

While it isn’t easy to get all of us to events on time with the right audio video or presentations Sammy, David and Pastor Hirbo have done their part to lighten the work. Sharon has worked continuously preparing, revising and editing the material we need to tell the story. Her part can be very stressful!  The pictures and the way they tell their story is so important and she helps make it happen in a way that people can not only hear the story but they can also see the work of Partners for Care in Kenya. Dan managed all the funds for us – not an easy job!

There have been many highlights these last 11 days but I will share just a few.

1. Pastor Hirbo giving his testimony on the radio for audiences in 185 countries!

2. David singing amazing grace to a large group of mostly African Americans who represent 75 organizations in Atlanta who work on behalf of the poor.

3. Pastor Hirbo telling a group of African Americans they are the Joseph’s who have gone ahead of them. He asked them not to forget their brothers and sisters and children who are suffering in Africa.

4. Our time at MedShare with Nell, VP of International affairs. Pastor Hirbo was able to thank her for the 6 containers MedShare has sent to Marsabit Hospital. He told her he had prayed for 7 years for help for the hospital. Pastor Hirbo, of course, was amazed at all the equipment in the MedShare warehouse. There was a group of volunteers sorting medical equipment. Nell asked David and Sammy to bless them with a song. Many of the volunteers (and MedShare staff) cried when they heard them sing. They told David he was anointed by God to sing.

5. We went to ITT Tech who has donated over 50 computers to us.  They were so happy to meet Pastor Hirbo and see Sammy again (Sammy visited them on his last trip to the US). The staff at ITT Tech have grown to love the work of Partners for Care. The thank you photos, etc. we have given them are framed and on the walls of the school. And, the calendar photos we gave them last year are posted on a bulletin board in a collage!

6. Pastor Hirbo praying in a church in Carrollton today. The congregation was so moved by the power of his prayer. They were amazed such a small man could pray so powerfully! Earlier the photos were shown on the screen of the children he serves in Marsabit. Photos of the people of Marsabit always touches people.

Actually, every event, every person we have met has been a highlight. Only space prevents me from telling you everything!

We have 20 more scheduled events. We leave for Ohio on Tuesday and from there we travel Michigan. There has been so much work done in both Ohio and Michigan to prepare for our team from Kenya. We are excited and humbled!

Blessed to host our staff from Kenya,


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