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Most of you know Nick. Some of you have been to Kenya and met him and walked with him through Mathare Slum as he showed you the work of Community Transformers. Others know Nick through the reading of the updates I send you.

I believe God uses Nick to speak to me in ways that break my heart. It isn’t that Nick knows that or even that he tries to do that but it does happen. This morning I called Nick. He had not communicated recently and I wanted to check on him and the children he cares for. I told him the good news that Jane Lumumba (Dr. Lumumba’s daughter who is interning for us this year) has agreed to help Nick develop a plan to secure funding. While Nick’s ministry, Community Transformers, is long on passion and care for the homeless, hurting and those infected with HIV/AIDS, it is short on business plans, budgets, and even a brochure showing their work. Nick responded by saying how welcome she is and how glad he is for the help. Then he said, “I am always so ashamed to have to ask for food for the children”.

Nick is ashamed because he can’t as a young man with only volunteers as staff care for 34 orphaned children? I am the one ashamed as I sit in the comfort of my home with plenty of food. Ashamed of the ways I have spent money in the past. Ashamed I haven’t been able to help him and the children more.

Pray for Jane as she helps Nick. Pray for someone to come along side Nick and CT to as Jane said “help them to prepare themselves in a manner that allows them to ask for funding for their work”.

Thanking God for sending Nick to remind me what it is important to God,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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