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Ask a young person….

Ask a young person what they want to do when they grow up and they might tell you they want to be a doctor, or a lawyer or an engineer so they can get a lot of money. Ask them why they want a lot of money and they may tell you to buy a house, or a car or even a boat.

Tonight I asked those questions to a young man who is working for Partners for Care. His name is Jefwa and he is 19 years old. He is a friend of a close friend of Franko’s and he comes from the coast. He is one of thousands of young people in Kenya that have to dropout of high school because they cannot pay school fees. He came to Sammy in January and said he just wanted to go to school. Sammy loves to help young people like Jefwa. He enrolled Jefwa in our 2nd Chance School and gave him a job helping at the PFC House. He is paid $30.00 a month. He is very bright and doing well in 2nd Chance. He shows up early every morning at the Partners for Care House to help. I never see him idle. He is a very hard worker.

Now back to the question. The other night I took Jefwa and Franko for tea and “chips” (french fries). Jefwa told me that was the first time he had ever gone out like that. I asked Jefwa what he wants to do when he finishes 2nd Chance. He told me “be an engineer” so he can make a lot of money. I asked why he wanted to make a lot of money. He said, “I have 5 brothers under me who I want to help pay their school fees so they can go to high school.” That is a big dream for a young man who himself hasn’t completed high school. But, God is a big God and I think He will honor Jefwa’s desire to help his brothers to go to school.


Humbled to know a young man who doesn’t desire things but desires to help his family,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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