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Bed net campaign against Malaria!

Bed net delivered by Partners for Care

Malaria is particularly devastating in Africa, where it is a leading killer of children. In fact, there are 10 new cases of malaria every second. Every 30 seconds, a child in Africa dies from a malaria infection.  In addition to the burden on local healthcare systems, malaria illness and death costs Africa approximately $12 billion per year in lost productivity.

Malaria is one of the deadliest diseases in Africa. And it’s hard to hear the statistics knowing that malaria is preventable and has been irradiated or brought under control on other continents. The solution is simple, gaining access to the solution is what is so difficult for those people who live in the bush or far from the larger cities in Africa. What is the solution you might ask? It’s as simple as spraying insecticides indoors or by sleeping under long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets. And simply put the best solution is the bed net because they are long lasting, inexpensive, and can last up to 5 years!

Bed nets are so simple and we are convinced not just by the statistics but our own experiences that bed nets do save lives. We have found a supplier who is willing to sell them to us for $2.00 each,  normally they are $10 each! Hands down it’s the best price we have ever seen and at this price we want to buy as many as we can!

We need your help we want to buy at least 1500 nets for our August trip to Kenya. We have done some research and $2.00 in this day and age will get you:

2 double cheeseburgers from McDonalds or Burger King a pack of 24 sugar cookies from your local dollar store 4 bags of 50 cent chips 1 bottle of beer hair clips 2 newspapers 2 liter coke loaf bread 2 cups of coffee at a restaurant 2 packs of gum

Would you be willing to skip one of these items for one day or a week? Knowing that you could possibly save a life or protect someone for 5 years? Could you make your coffee at home? Another benefit of buying a bed net is that it is tax deductible. Are you looking for a way to make a difference, be part of something bigger than you? Partner with us buy a bed net, buy 10 bed nets….you can make a big difference  When you contribute would you let us know what you are skipping? It would be fun to keep a list and we are grateful for your sacrifice! What are you willing to skip?


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