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Blessed to be a blessing

This Thanksgiving as our families gather and give thanks for our many blessings I wanted to share with you how thankful I am for your support of Partners for Care which has lifted our staff from poverty and helped them bless their families.

Our staff is grateful for the many ways your support has helped them help their families.

*One of our staff took in a nephew for 3 years and an orphaned girl and paid their school fees even though they live in a one bedroom apartment and have children of their own

*Another paid for a younger brother to go to college

*Another supported two younger sisters through high school

*Another is paying a nephew’s school fees

*Another every month buys his parents medication for hypertension

*Another is helping with medical expenses of a cousin who has cancer

The list is endless…all of our staff use their salaries to help others.

One story particularly touched me. One of our staff traveled miles back to his village on his days off and used his money to build his family a new house. While the house isn’t finished (it will be covered with mud) he wanted to share with supporters how much better this house will be than the one his Mom and Dad who are both disabled and his siblings currently live in. He sent me the photo of this new 2 bedroom house he has built for his family:

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the PFC boards – US and Kenyan, all our donors and for every donation that has blessed our staff in Kenya and helped them to bless others.



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