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Breaking News

That was how the Partners for Care staff told me about the good news – breaking news from the desert in Akatuman. Maggie’s School passed inspection both by the the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. They did an on-site inspection and were amazed there were so many children at Maggie’s School! On Friday the district committee of the Ministry of Education approved Maggie’s School. It is to be registered as a goverment school by next term which begins in May! People in Lodwar are amazed at this miracle. Surely the hands of God has guided this process and blessed all the little boys and girls of Maggie’s School. From when my sister first made the decision to honor Maggie by building a school in her name there have been people involved in the miracle of Maggie’s School. We give thanks to all of them. We give thanks to Bishop David Thagano who first went there following God’s message to Him – go to Turkana. He planted a church under a tree. We thank Northpoint Community Church who sent money to the Bishop who used it to build the church there in Akatuman. We thank ILI who helped put the well in so there was water. Without water the children could not have the two meals a day they receive.. They even cpme to school on holiday break for the meals. We thank Peter Waguru and all who travelled with him when he went there in November carrying all the supplies necessary to open the school. We thank Andrew Kiirya, Partners for Care social worker, who sheperded the building and the operation of the school and Pastor Omondi who guides and helps Andrew. And we thank Rev. Chege and Rev. Perminus Kinyua with GOA who have played vital roles in the opening and operation of Maggies:s Schook. We thank David Gruber, co-director of Partners for Care, who did the first DVD of Maggie’s School and Sam Wachira, Partners for Care Communication Director, who did the second DVD. These DVDs have allowed people to “see” Maggies’s School and the children who attend school there touching the hearts of so many people and greatly enlarging the number of people who love Maggie’s School. We thank Elly, reporter from Sayare Christian TV station who went with us to see the Maggie’s School and wrote a 7-minute documentary on the school that aired on the TV station. We thank the parents in Akatuman who now say they want their girls to get an education as it will last a lifetime unlike the cow they get from the dowry. A real breakthrough for this unreached people group. There are 87 girls going to Maggie’s School! And we thank all the financial supportors including Maggie’s Christian School in Greenville, S. C. that she attended from primer to graduation – Christ Church.. The students at Christ church adopted Maggie’s School in the desert and have raised funds to support the school. What does it mean now that the school will be registered as a goverment school? 1. The Ministry of Education will now fund the teachers. 2. The school now can qualify for goverment lunch program. 3. It will remain a Christian School 4. It will always be called Maggie’s School 5. We have requested the two teachers remain We will still be involved in supporting Maggie’s School. With this partnership with the Ministry of Education there will be more support for the school. Now my sister is praying for the site for the next Maggie’s School. We pray for the same miracle God has performed in the desert of Akatuman. Reaching the unreached for Christ through schools, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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