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Bridgette on Mission

Bridgette Boylan, Partners for Care board member went with me on this last trip. She had many people who were her “senders” – praying and donating money for the medical camps, etc. She kept her supporters updated through sending them updates. I sent this message to them when we returned. To Bridgette’s Support Team Bridgette would never tell you how she helped on this mission trip…but I will. This is Connie, President, Partners for Care. First, I wanted to express my appreciation for everyone of you who supported Bridgette with your prayers, money and love as she traveled to Kenya for this mission trip. As you could tell from her updates to you, the money was used to buy medicines to treat the poor, to fuel the van so the team could travel to help the people, and to help Baby Chello.


Second, I wanted to share with you some things most of you probably already know about Bridgette. She is a woman of beauty – inside and out. She was such a joy to serve with. She went to Kenya with me to serve the Partners for Care team. And, she served them well. Our goal with Partners for Care is to help young Christian leaders to serve God and transform their Nation helping and caring for the poor. Bridgette constantly poured her heart out in loving them, teaching them and being a role model for them. She swept floors, dried dishes, made beds, helped at the medical camp, took Baby Chello to the hospital, inspired them, reminded them and encouraged them. She listened to them as they told her their stories, their heartaches, their struggles. Sometimes her best teaching moment came when sitting at the dining table just quietly listening to them or when folding laundry or drying dishes. Bridgette and I laughed, cried, planned, struggled and worked side by side for three weeks. I can’t imagine being there without her. The Partners for Care team love her as I do. They will wait for her return. It isn’t always easy serving in Kenya where our laundry is done in buckets and hung outside to dry. We can’t just throw it in the washer and dryer. Sometimes for days we don’t have water, sometimes no electricity. And, the transportation situation is something one must usually experience themselves to truly appreciate. Two lane roads become four and the cars frequently breakdown and bottom-out! The Bible says “die for self to live for Christ”. Bridgette gives up her comfort and having her needs met so she can serve those 10,000 miles away. For her, it is personal. I know God is pleased. In appreciation for all those who made it possible for Bridgette to serve, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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