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Bridgette’s 3rd Update: In Awe of Them

I believe you will be touched by Bridgette’s 3rd update, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry


Sometimes, its the day to day events that amaze me the most here. Each situation gives me clearer insight into the heart of this Kenyan team. On our way back from Mombasa, we travelled up the coast to visit with two of the team’s families. Meet Justus-raised by an alcoholic mother with 3 younger siblings under the age of 16. Because there were 5 of them living in a one room hut, he took up residence in a small church behind his home, sleeping on a bench for 3 years. Because the pastor let him stay,   he took care of that little church with great pride. To show his gratitude to the congregation, he gathered fabric pieces from all and hung them from the ceiling rafters from one end to the other. I was so humbled when I saw it-truly one of the most beautifully “decorated” churches I have ever seen!   Now fast forward to today…this is the same young man that sends almost ALL the money he earns in his ministry every month to his family. He desperately wants to finish high school…so at age 25, he gets up every day to walk over 4 miles to catch a matatu (bus) to get him there, often only eating a piece of bread and some chai tea for the day. While here, I witnessed this same young man spend all day in the church on Sunday, walking home late at night over 1O miles because he didn’t have a phone and no money for fare. To top it off, this was the same guy who had to come get the van with the flat tire I mentioned in an earlier blog. Because we we’re late for the Mombasa bus, we left him to handle the flat. Little did we realize there was no spare, no money for repairs. Can you imagine? What would you do with no phone, no money, no spare…and no American Express??? Yet I have watched first hand as he arises every day with a song in his heart and a grateful spirit to God! I am so humbled by his perseverance, his attitude…his amazing faith. And I am so blessed to be working next to those with such an amazing faith! I wish each one of you a wonderful Easter-praise be to God!

Serving in Kenya,


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