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Bridgette’s last update – Success to Significance

There are many wonderful things about Bridgette coming to Kenya with me – she loves PFC like I do, she is a great traveling companion (she always brings along a little chocolate for us) and she writes beautiful updates. I can’t share the chocolate with you but I can share her last update. It is beautifully written just like all her other updates. Her words will touch and inspire you.


As I prepare to make my way to my home, I have always said that the hardest part about going to Africa is coming home from Africa. Even with all the turmoil and uncertainty in our own homeland, we still live in a land of abundance, prosperity and privilege.

With every year that passes, I realize how intentional our time needs to be. I also never want to take for granted the incredible blessings I was born with here. In our country, we have fairly defined means by which we measure success…whether it be our children’s well-being, our professional careers…or the reaching of lofty goals we aspire to achieve during our lifetime. But when you live and work next to those in abject poverty…success is measured very differently.

The beautiful people of Kenya-those I have had the humble honor to work with over the past 9 years-have shown me the true meaning of success.  Partners For Care’s greatest successes happen daily-in the people they serve and the lives they change and literally save. They have taught me to look beyond my claimed “successes”-they have shown me that true success comes from a life of significance. I can’t think of any greater success than saving a life. I think we have opportunities every day to live lives of significance. By doing so, we move beyond our everyday version of success as we know it to something far greater than we ever thought possible. I realize every time I go back to Kenya that the PFC team on the ground is not only successful…but are living lives of significance.

For all of you who have followed our journey, have supported their work with your prayers, your generosity, your gifts and your loving acts and words of kindness and encouragement, we are all so grateful. ‎I am also grateful that my work with PFC reminds me what a life of significance really means. I pray I can use my live for significance and use my prosperity for God’s purpose.  By doing so, I know I receive back far more than I give.


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