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Changes on the ground!

Changing lives, transforming a village. I came on this trip with great anticipation about what I would find. The Partners for Care team had done an excellent job of keeping me informed of their work but the reports could not adequately tell the real story. That is why sometimes you must go to the ground to see for yourself. The changes are everywhere. All the equipping, empowering, encouraging and teaching has brought great rewards. Sammy leads in a way that would make John Maxwell proud. Sam has passion, energy, commitment and drive that challenges others to join in the work. George has many youth from the slums in this village calling him “coach”. He told me today people were asking “what about the girls tram” as he had started two boys what if? football teams. So George is starting a what if? girls football team and a what if? girls volleyball team. It is fun to be walking in the village and see boys in what if? shirts heading for practice.

The 56 boys on the two what if? football teams are from many different primary and secondary schools. The PFC staff are planning on creating what if? schools in as many of these schools as they can. Each boy took back a what each if? bracelet for their principles. Remember the what if? Intiative is all about giving the message of living pure for Christ and stopping HIV/AIDS.

The what if? Life Changing Center is so busy! Today when I was there all the computers in the IT classroom were full with one computer hosting two students. Students are taking music lessons from David and Franko. And, we have a new program called Second Chance. It is for those who want to study and receive their secondary degree (high school).

And, we have 100 baby chickens and 8 big chickens that lay eggs and 40 rabbits at our house. Sammy is demonstrating substanability with these projects. And, our backyard is a small farm now…the team is figuring out ways to feed themselves!

Farming project

Poultry and rabbits project

It is an understatement to say how proud I am of the PFC staff! They are working long hours, holding planning meeting and are all engaged in the work. it is a joy to watch.

Thank you al for supporting the team,


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