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Children are dying because moms can’t read

When I was in Kenya this last trip I saw this poster in a the waiting room of a children’s officer. 

 The Partners for Care team in Kenya work every day to save the lives of the children. And, they have the 2nd Chance School to help people from Marurui slum achieve their primary and secondary education. I knew it was important for people to learn to read and write – but I never connected the two – children dying because their moms can’t read. To learn 50% of the children born to illiterate mothers die before age five made me understand how important it is to reach moms who are illiterate and help them learn to read and write. Teaching them to read not only improves their quality of life BUT also helps save the lives of their children.

The Partners for Care team have doubled the size of the 2nd Chance School – reaching more moms. They have now enrolled 10 more students in their literacy program – all moms!

It is a privilege to support the 2nd Chance School as it helps moms learn to read and write.


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