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Connie’s 3rd update from Kenya

Today the 16 team tournament started in Mukuru slum. Mukuru slum is home to some 200,00 people and is behind the Makuru c GOA hurch pastored by Pastor Murimi. He has a heart for the lost, the infected and affected in this slum. Many of you know Moses from Christ Compassion Rehab Center (CCRC). . Moses, a former “street boy” is the manager of CCRC, home to 50 street boys and girls. Two weeks ago the sports team went to CCRC holding a 16 team football tournament. Moses was very appreciative of their work and asked if he could volunteer with the sports team so today he came to help in Mukuru slum He came with his big heart, big smile and a love for the street boys. During the day a “street boy” called to Moses. When Moses first saw the young man he did not recognize him. He took him to get tea and the “stree boy” Daniel told Moses that when he was seven Moses was on the street with him and so was the other “street boy” who was with him Douglas. He said, “remember Moses you took us to the State House when President Moi invited all the “street boys” for tea and cake in 1998.” After this feeding the street boys were sent back to the streets. Moses came off the street January 2005 when Christ Compassion Rehab Center was started. He was selected by John, founder of CCRC, to manage the “street boys” coming into CCRC. Moses has accepted Christ into his live, loves the Lord, is married with a baby and has a future that helps other “street boys”. There was great joy in Moses to see these two boys. Daniel is 20 years old and has been on the streets 12 years, Douglas is 17 and has been on the streets 8 years. Both ask to rescued from the street, to have an uniform and be able to go to school. Moses will talk to CCRC board about them coming to CCRC. Both were high with the glue and could not even be tested because when intoxicated you cannot give consent or even understand your status. So here stood three young men. One because of GOA’s faithfulness to serve the “street boys” was safe, healthy, hopeful and was loving and serving the Lord. The other two were high on glue, hungry and not healthly. What if all the “street boys” could be rescued. Would this not please God? It is possible to rescue even those addicted to glue who have lived on the street for a very long time – as witnessed by the miracle of Moses. Blessed to be a part of sports evangelism, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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