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Connie’s 8the update from Kenya

Over the last three days we have experienced wonderful worship. From Kesha on Friday night to worship at the Nairobi church with the Roswell United Methodist Church team and Pastor Hirbo and 9 pastors from Marsabit, the weekend has been spent in worship. Friday night we went to Kesha (all night prayer) with Mary Mugo at CCRC. The worship team played music as everyone danced and prayed. At 3:00 am we had chai and bread and then went outside in the dark as we all lit candles and told the children God called then to be the light of the world. Mary Mugo is a pastor at the GOA church at CCRC and her brother Jim helped lead the service through the night. It was wonderful to see the children of CCRC worshiping and dancing praising God. Deb had given me some bibles and we left them there for the children. A blessing to see how much a bible means to them.

Children from CCRC with new Bibles

Bishop David in tribal clothing from Marsabit

Saturday morning Debbie (from Emory) and I met with Mary Mugo and the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Education. He is passionate about education and knows how many children still need to be enrolled in primary school. I was able to tell him about Maggie’s School due to open next month in July in Turkana.

Blessed to worship in Kenya, Connie

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