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Divine connections

I am once again in wonder of divine connections that can only be the work of God. How else could I meet a man out of hundreds of passengers on the flight to Kenya from America and within 48 hours of arriving in Kenya we are together with his US team at the bedside of a woman in Mathare who has AIDS. And we also had a meeting in the Vice President’s conference room with the Director of Vice President Kalonzo’s Foundation. Only God can connect His people together to do His work. Actually, God used my son David who has come with me to Kenya for a month. The man on the plane I speak of is Dr. Erich. In the Brussels airport Dr. Eric asked David what he was doing coming to Kenya while I was off getting us water. David is a good spokesperson for Partners for Care and he told him what work PFC does. Then being polite David asked Dr. Erich what he was doing coming to Kenya. He told David he was with a group called Engineers Without Borders and he was helping them develop a medical component to the work they do with wells. Wow – water and health the two things we care about. I told Dr. Erich about Nick and Charles and about our work with the Kalonzo Foundation who is working to start Telemedicine. I was able to set a meeting with the Director of the Kalonzo Foundation and Dr. Eric. Dr. Eric also asked me if I would take them to meet Nick and Charles who I had told them about. Engineers Without Borders (EWB) works through university students as well as professional engineer organizations. This chapter of EWB is from a University in Montana and is putting in 58 wells and latrines at 58 primary schools in Nyanza! Imagine that! They are going to help connect us to a chapter that will have a passion and heart for Marsabit! And they will connect the Kalonzo Foundation with a professional group from EWB to work on some major water projects in Kenya. Their experience with Nick and Charles was life-changing. They bought food for the woman we visited. They heard her story, they saw her pain. They saw first-hand the devestation this disease called AIDS has had on the world. They heard how her husband is infected, she is infected, her little girl is infected and the little baby boy lying on the floor is infected. She had sent word to Nick and Charles just that morning that she had no food and was starving. Nick and Charles did not have food nor money for food as they struggle themselves to feed the 34 orphans they care for. Then I called almost at the very moment asking permission to come with Dr. Erich and the US team to and make a home visit. We always take food when we visit so Nick knew just who we would visit.

Dr. Eric with Little Elizabeth

Dr. Eric’s team praying for one of Nick and Charles’ infected clients who they had gone to visit

Nick led us through debriefing after the group made the home visit and visited the rescue center. They met and held 2-year old Elizabeth who has Aids. They saw where 17 children and two adults sleep in a room the size of a small bedroom in America. One of the young American men said at the debriefing that Nick and Charles changed for him what it meant to be a good person – the bar had been raised. As we were debriefing I received an email on my Blackiberry which read: “Connie My husband and I would like to explore ways we could support the 2 young men who care for the orphans in the slum. I couldn’t remember their names. Please provide some insight into their ministry.‬‪Thanks so much.‬” I smiled and thanked God as I sat and watched and listened to these young men of God and took God had just through two Christians in America sent Nick and Charles help. Grateful to a God who connects His people to dp His work, Connie

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