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Dollar country

I wanted to give an update on how the Partners for Care Kenya team is doing.

We have now had 30 events, meetings, etc.  Yesterday we spent the day in Columbus, Ohio. First, a breakfast meeting with 100 buisness leaders where Pastor Hirbo was on a panel. The meeting was about the water backpack.  It was hosted by PackH20 and moderated by Scott Griffin, Greif. Pastor represented PFC well!

Then we had a very good strategy meeting with the PackH20 board. Next we went to Greif headquarters to meet Scott and participate on a conference call with Partners in Health who will be receiving 100,000 water backpacks and wanted to hear from PFC about how we have distributed the packs.

Then to Ohio State University (OSU) for 2 hours of filming about PFC, the backpacks and the recent student teams we hosted from OSU. Then the dinner event which was attended by over a 100 people. That event was focused on faith and mission and was all about PFC. Pastor Hirbo showed his slide show of the PFC work in Marsabit. He told the audience “We may look hopeless but we have hope.”  He told them Jesus Christ died for him, for them and for the children in Marsabit. Sammy and David ended the evening by performing. It was a great day!

I would use three words to describe how people have treated us as we move from city to city, state to state and from event to event. These three words are kind, gracious and welcoming! People have fed us, hosted us and even clothed some of us!  It has taken many people to put this all together!

Pastor Hirbo has begun referring to America as dollar country. He says it is dollar country because it has everything. He decided you can even sleep outside because there are no wild animals to eat you. He has discovered his clothes and shoes don’t get dirty and dusty like they do in Marsabit. He has noticed that we even have food in churches. And, he now understands that some churches really are 1 hour with 15 minutes preaching. He says even the trees and grass here seems to have it easier than in Marsabit where they struggle because of a lack of rain. He said we have plenty of firewood but most don’t even need it. He said soon he expects a call from his family soon that they have run out of firewood.

It isn’t easy for Pastor Hirbo to be here. The food waste really is hard for him. At one restaurant we ate at he ate the little package of butter because he didn’t want food to go to waste. We were cleaning out the car and I asked him to throw some leftover food away that we hadn’t eaten and he COULD NOT do it. He said “How can I throw food away?”. He asked if David would do it instead.

We have been driving all day and are almost to our friends in Michigan. I have been very blessed as we found out it is legal for Sammy to drive with his kenya driving license. He has driven with no problems!  He says it is EASY compared to driving to Marsabit.



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