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Dream comes true for Sisters Going to Kenya – 4th update

They said it wasn’t possible. Many people told us that. But, the Partners for Hope team believed from the beginning that it would happen. And, yesterday it did. The four African American women who people said couldn’t even raise their funds to come to Kenya, met President Barack Obama’s grandmother. Connie had asked a special kenyan friend of hers if she could help us meet Mama Sara as they call her and she connected us to two of the closest people to Mama Sara. We were to meet them at the District Commisioner’s office in Siaya at 9:00 am and be escorted to meet her. We were there by 8:30 in anticipation of the great opportunity. We drove on the dirt roads to her house. The Kenyan police protect her 24 hours a day and there is a fence around her home with a quard. We were greeted and allowed in only because we were with our hosts. We sat under the mango tree as we waited for her to join us. Mama Sara had sent word out for us to feel at home. Soon she comes from the house and sits with us. Ryan opened with prayer and we did introductions each one telling her how much they loved her grandson. She smiled each time someone told her that. Then it was time for the gifts. Ryan gave her a pin from Atlanta. Justus spoke to her in Swahilla giving her the Temples of Worship Uwema CD. Chris gave her an awesome Obama t-shirt she brought at the swearing in – Mama Sara loved it! Gillian gave her the framed picture of the team and Keith (the CEO of the nursing home the women work at) with a message from Keith “Sara Obama we love you”. Virginia gave her one of the Sisters Going to Kenya shirt and a MorrisLife t-shirt. Jenette gave her a handmade beaded American flag tying it on her wrist saying America and Kenya were connected . George gave her a leso (a wrap) which she really liked. Even our driver Peter wanted to give her something so he gave her the newspaper article written by C. Ron. The women had autographed it and he told Mama Sara he was the one who brought them to her. The last thing we gave her was the Time-Life picture book of Barack Obama. Connie sat with her and showed her the pictures. She saw pictures of herself with Barack at the front door of her house. She saw the picture of herself on her sofa with pictures of Barack Obama on the wall. We were suprised no one had ever given her that book. It was so special to her. Then she said something about all the children dying of Aids. We asked if she wanted to see the what if? picture book and DVD. She loved seeing Justus and George singing on the DVD and they were right there with her. God was moving fast and we were listening to His direction. We asked her if she wanted to join the what if? team in the fight against AIDS. She said yes and George put the what if? bracelet on appointing her an ambassador in the fight to end AIDS. The what if? team has been invited back to do the what if? campaign during the one year celebration on Jan. 20, 2010 which will be held at the school where Barack Obama’s father attended. Justus closed in prayer.

Then we were suprised to be invited in the house for juice. We stayed 2 1/2 hours and were told most people are allowed to stay only 45 minutes. Our hosts told us they had never seen Mama Sara as happy with visitors as she was with us. Meeting Mama Sara was so special to all of us. It is something we will always be grateful for. But, we are most grateful that she will join in the fight against AiDS in Kenya! We believe one of the reasons we went there is to help make that connection with her and Partners for Care. We are blessed to be used by God to help in the fight against AIDS in Kenya, in Africa and in the world. From Kenya, The Partners for Hope Team

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