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Easy to get discouraged and then you get these photos Inbox x

In this non profit work in a country 10,000 miles away with people of a different culture and with so much poverty, tragedy, sickness from things we can’t even get here in the US like malaria, setbacks and progress at a pace that makes you want to scream – it is easy to get discouraged.

But then Pastor Hirbo sends you these photos and you remember why you travel on a plane for 16 hours, why you send out another appeal for donations and host another event and bring 4 Kenyan staff here and travel across the country to thank donors and partners.

You do it for this little girl who lives in the desert in her little house made from mud, sticks and cow dung who just received clean water in her water backpack she received from PFC.  She got that water from a truck that PFC sent funds for that brought her and the other children the clean water. And, then you are grateful that God allows you to be a small part of touching the life of this little girl.

Grateful for all of you that are a part of this ministry,


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