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Encouraged, saddened and more determined

I am in Kenya and this morning I met with our doctor Dr. Dennis. Dr. Dennis is a young man with an engaging smile. He is excellent with the patients he treats.

He told me two stories – the first story saddened me and made me more determined to secure the funds and equipment to help open the maternity ward in the government health center in a slum area where Partners for Care works. This clinic serves 45,000 people who live in the slum dwellings surrounding the clinic. The maternity ward is closed due to a lack of equipment and personnel so moms often deliver their babies in their shanty homes.

Dr. Dennis told me of baby born last week. The mom gave birth alone in her tiny shanty home. The baby did not survive.

The second story encouraged me and reminded why we are always trying to raise awareness and support for the team here in Kenya. This is a story of a young woman who lives in the slum. She didn’t know she had diabetes, but fortunately our medical team made a home visit to her because she was sick. The PFC team knew her symptoms could be diabetes so they checked her blood sugar level. Her sugars were dangerously high. Dr. Dennis put her on medication and now every morning our staff walk through the slum to her shack and take her sugar level. Her sugars have come down now with the medication and diabetic teaching from Dr. Dennis and Max our mhealth worker.

Blessed by the stories from the staff here in Kenya,


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